Saturday, 1 October 2011

Learning Methods

Many people still do not know how to learn and this will be a problem for them to take the examination.
Here, I want to share some ways to learn that I had practiced :))

1) TIME 

  • Before you start a learning session, the exact timing is important to keep our minds able to receive the optimum conditions. For example, most students like to review their education at midnight or early morning because at this state of mind quite and we can focus on what we learn.



  • This should be taken seriously because the condition we are neat and orderly learning course, and we can learn the certain thing well.
  • Preferably, a good place for us to learn is in the library for a very conducive atmosphere. This will facilitate the education process.
  • If at home, make sure the sure will stimulate interest to revise  without external interference, such as a noisy environment that can inhibit the learning process. 
  • Make sure the study table facing toward the Qiblah.


  • Every time we review the lesson, you not only read books, but its better for us to make short notes. It helps us to remember. 
  • In addition we can take notes everywhere and can be read at any time. 
  • Note that good is not only  short note, but the notes is easy to understand.
  • One the best way to make note is to use a mind map. This method is one very effective way, especially for subjects that require a lot of reading.

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